Creativity and Imagination are the driving forces in everything we do. We love to inspire everyone to pose beautiful questions that lead to breakthrough ideas.

To play with ideas we bring a

handful of curiosity       pinch of fun        bucket of imagination

drop of wonder         glass of magic        ocean of ideas

All mixed together to give a perfectly wonderful magical world.

Ann-Margrethe Iseklint (Ami)

She is a true nature-lover who is fascinated by life in the wild. Loves exploring nature, often alone, but also together with like-minded people. She often stays up late and reflects, looking and pondering at the night sky. She loves photography and spends her free time birdwatching.

Her day job is working with strategic development issues in public health, nature, environment, accessibility, and she has a thorough education in each of these disciplines. The aim of the job is to convey the knowledge needed for people to take care of themselves and the unique planet we are travelling on through the universe.

After her three sons had flown the nest, she and her husband moved out into the countryside, close to the water, where the kayak and outdoor activities are waiting at the doorstep.




Åsa Jomård

To surprise, inspire and explore experiences is at the heart of everything Åsa does. Her arsenal of powerful thinking tools have helped her to develop ideas to support children as well as adults to develop their creative thinking. She is passionate about the environment and uses biomimicry to explore new ways in which nature’s successes can inspire the development of innovations. She has written material for young children about biomimicry as well as articles in magazines. Prior to this she studied Psychology, Sport Psychology, Pedagogics, English Literature, Reading, and Reading and Learning Disability. Her thesis Possible Solutions to Possible Problems concerned cognitive development in children.

You can contact me on

I am also blogging at Thinkiblity –  Thinking about Thinking, Creativity, Innovation and Design and at Sparking Children’s Thinkibility




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