Do you want to use your plant on the windowsill to charge your toaster?
Or grow flowers on the roof to power the house?

The Dutch company Plant-e  develops and produces products in which living plants generate electricity. Many company harness energy by destroying plants but this company harness electricity from living growing plants. The electricity that can be generated without harming the plant is surprisingly substantial.

modern energy saving

A range of products have been developed: charging stations for your mobile phone,Wifi-hotspot in a public environment, a green roof that produces electricity to your home, and a green roundabout. There is also a DIY-box for educational purposes which sounds like a great idea to encourage school-children to understand how plant energy works. And in a project called “Starry night” over  300 LED streetlights  in the Netherlands were powered by  native aquatic plants.

cfc3f17559-Gras_Plant-MFC.jpg-for-web-largeOverall, the technology and approach to use photosynthesis, turning solar power into sugars, have enormous potential to provide energy in poorer areas. Rice growers could use the excess sugars that plants produce clean energy. The excess sugars are distributed through the roots of the plants into the surrounding soil. There they are broken down into protons and electrons, which can be used to conduct electricity.

At the moment this technology is under development to make it more commercial so that it can compete with solutions based upon solar and wind energy. Plants stop growing in some climates when it gets cold, so at the moment this solution works better in some parts of the world.

Looking forward to watching my plants grow even more!

Greenilicious Wind Turbine Trees

Imagine a Wind Turbine,
and then turn it into something beautiful.

Clean green energy installations are often described as ugly, eye-sore and noisy. But design aspects are gradually getting more involved in the innovative process, resulting in stunning creations that hopefully will turn the large wind turbines into a monument of the past.

nw4New Wind

The vertical wind turbines designed by New Wind are definitely a step in the right direction. Artificial leaves surround a tall steel structures and when the wind blows, the leaf turbines produces energy. If you listen carefully, you can hear the turbines rotate. But this wind turbine trees is almost silent. You can hear the gentle breeze in the video below.

L-Arbre-Vent_ART80_reduit319pxNew Wind

How to you get the idea to make a wind turbine tree?

Noticing the world is a great inspiration for innovation and designers. Jérôme Michaud-Larivière noticed the way the wind rustled the leaves on trees, lifting and spinning them. He started to ponder over whether a wind energy device based on leaves could generate energy. So far this design does not produce a huge amount of energy,  power output of 3.1 kW, but imagine a street lined with these trees to generate power for the city streets light.