Magical Winter Light – Comforts Us and Gives Us Strenght

Searching for bright spots in the woods where the pale winter lights dance through the trees and kiss our cheeks not only brings comfort it also gives us strength to face challenges.

The smell of frost, the sounds of a stream, and the scenery of a frosty winter forest provides relaxation. Natural stimulation brings comfort to our present stress-filled society.

Nature connectedness, where we include nature as part of our identity, includes an understanding of nature and everything it is made up of. If we feel connected to nature, we are more inclined to care about nature and protect the environment.


This connectedness can be described as containing three parts:

  • how included we feel,
  • how much we care for nature,
  • how committed we are to protect nature.


It is worrying that fewer and fewer children are connected to nature. Studies in the UK, have found that some adults think that nature is dangerous and dirty.

On my daily walk with my dog, I cruise on a path littered with litter – plastic cups, cans, tins, wraps,  papers, and bottles. Britain is one of the most litter-blighted countries in Europe.

But not only the streets are littered with litter. So is the nearby woods.

Does nobody care?





How connected to nature does your family feel?

How green is your workplace?

Does your organisation give extra marks for a green approach?

Would your family throw away a bag filled with plastic bags that had been used for shopping once in the bin?

What about your workplace?

Would your organisation or company allow employees to throw away a bag filled with plastic bags?

Would you even notice or care?

And would you do something about it?



Ice Circles

Ice circles are a rare and beautiful looking

as well as sounding phenomenon.


The ice circles in the photos are from Sävar in the northern part of Sweden.  The circles look perfect as if they have been made by a ceramist.

If you listen you can hear the sound of the river or the sea flowing continuously. When you are watching the ice circles dance by you can hear very sharp cracks and groans.

The circles are formed when a large piece of ice breaks off creating an effect called “rotational shear” where the current slowly grinds away at the free-floating chunk until it is smoothed into a circle.


The first video is filmed by Kaylyn Messer in Seattle and in the second video you can hear the sounds of ice. Go here to read Jonna Jinton’s blog.

Look at the Lobster’s Way of Dealing with Stress

What is the function of stress in nature?


Flickr Lobster by phalinn ooi

If you look the lobster, you see that it has a soft body inside a shell. The shell, which is rigid,  becomes very confining as the lobster grows. So what does the lobster do? Well, it goes away and hides under a rock. The lobster searches for a safe place where it can shred the uncomfortable shell and grow a new one. This process happens over and over again. A lobster can even grow new claw that it has lost during a fight.

Stress in nature is a time for rest and new growth.

Yet, when the lobster leaves its new shell it is very vulnerable just like we may feel vulnerable when we try new ideas that may emerge after some time of reflection and growth. The new lobster shell is soft so the lobster is an easy prey. To make sure it does not get eaten, the lobster hides  a week or two to gain a new strong shell.

Studying the way an animal deals with different situations can provide new ideas for how to enrich our lives and deal with different situations.

Happy Easter and Happy Nature Watching!


I See You

Eyes are used to searching, so I immediately see the black leaf” in the ditch.

Know instinctively that this is something else. I walk towards it and gently lift it up in my hand. Indeed the leaf” is slowly stirring. First two antennas appears and then like a gymnastic exercise the front legs are revealed, one at a time.

The underside is black as soot, and I do not know who you are. You lie still, motionless, but seems to accept this different journey. My body heat and the sun warm you up.

After a few minutes we are at home. I put you down beside the last flower in the garden. Up until now you have hidden your identity through the tightly compressed wings. When you feel the flower’s life-giving nectar, you react quickly and slowly you are filled with new energy. Then, and not until then, you spread out your innermost and show who you are.

I see you.



Pafageloga 2015 1